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Tumor Hater – Madison Branaugh

Madison Branaugh

photo-7It was such a great experience to work with sweet little Madison. That little girl is so vivacious and resilient, just being around her is inspiring. My favorite thing about her is her desire to bring people together, to laugh, to play and to be friends. My favorite example of this is when I bumped into her with her sister and dad at a local store. While her dad and I were talking she took all of our hands and placed them in the persons hand next to us. So in the end the four of us were holding hands in a circle. This desire she has for friendship, love and laughter is so refreshing. She has a freedom to love without her body’s ailments and pain restricting her. I think we all can learn great life changing things from this little girl.


It was my pleasure to write a check for Madison for nearly $6,971 knowing that this will go towards the


medical bills that are current and inevitable for her future. I am so grateful for those of you that allowed

this to happen through your donation of time, energy and money, purchasing Tumor Hater gear or attending the Valley Wide High School Dance Party. None of it would be possible without YOU.Amongst the number of people behind our dance party fundraiser, I would like to give a special thanks to the High School seniors that helped organize it, Alexis, Sammi, Sierra, Megan, and Myleah. You guys have incredible hearts to serve others and I hope that you all continue to serve and bless others in your futures. I would also like to thank Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo Galavis for the time and energy that you put into traveling to Oregon to be our special guests. And for all of your continued support that you have shown towards Tumor Hater. You guys ROCK.


Thank you EVERYONE for supporting our second hero Madison and for being a part of the Tumor Hater community.

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