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Tumor Hater – Camille — Our First Hero!

Camille — Our First Hero!

April 15, 2013

Tumor Hater inc. is thrilled to announce that we have chosen our first hero!!!

Camille LaRocca- 15 years old of McMinnville Or.

Camille is an enthusiastic young lady who lights up any room that she walks into. However about 4 years ago she started experiencing nausea, vomiting, dizziness, weakness and double vision (to name a few). The symptoms started out happening only about once a month but gradually became more and more common. In April of this year she could no longer walk or stand without assistance and Camille had to drop out of school. It wasn’t until July that the LaRocca’s would finally have some answers after several misdiagnoses. She was with her grandma when her speech started to slur, her vision went black and her arms went numb. Camille then blacked out and was rushed to the ER. Finally a CT scan was ordered and a tumor was discovered on Camille’s brain. Later to be determined as a grade 1 benign cerebral meningioma tumor. Camille underwent brain surgery to remove the tumor that she named ‘Timone’ on July 17th 2012 and celebrated her 15th birthday in the hospital 3 days later.

Although it may be easy for some to feel like a victim and be discouraged through this, Camille has chosen to see it as an opportunity a blessing and would never wish it away. Camille says she feels like a brand new person with a new perspective on life and wishes to share it with those around her, so that they too may start living every day to its fullest. Her greatest desire is just that. To live the life that she was given by more than just ‘breathing’ but to be ALIVE.

Camille is very involved with her school through her dance team, track and is also on the student body as ‘sophomore senator’. She also is a very talented photographer and writer and has won some awards for her work. Her dream is to become an author, journalist, photographer or have a job that helps people in some way. But most importantly she says, she just wants to be happy. If she could describe herself in one sentence she says “I love pretty much everything and I live to inspire the people around me.”

It truly is my honor to get to know Camille and to lead this army of heroes and haters in raising money for the $10,000+ in medical bills that her family has been left with. Please stand beside us, join this army, join this movement, for Camille and for everyone else who has been effected by tumors. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Please stay tuned, I recently had the incredible opportunity to drive to Camille’s town and meet her for the first time. We were both interviewed by Koin channel 6 of Portland Or. to share Camille’s story and how Tumor Hater inc. is planning on helping her. The air date is set for Dec-10th, but is subject to change. Once it is aired I will share the link here.

Thank you all for reading and getting to know sweet Camille. She now feels better than ever, and is healing up swimmingly. Please spread the word of Tumor Hater inc and lets get Camille that $10,000! Remember, every day is a day to be a tumor hater!