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Tumor Hater – Camille LaRocca

Camille LaRocca

photo-1Camille, Tumor Hater’s first hero is alive, well and tumor FREE today. She kicked her brain tumors booty back in 2012 and has continued to be an inspiration to those around her. She has stayed actively involved in her school as the current Junior Representative and running on the Track and Field team. She believes in her dreams and is doing all she can to advance her knowledge in her passions. She has now joined a dance school so she can further her dancing abilities and is building her photography portfolio for her dream of being a photographer. She has taken a number of senior portraits and has put together other photo shoots here and there.

One of Camille’s biggest desires in life is to inspire others to have more LIFE in their LIVING. Keep up with sweet Camille via her blog and her photography Instagram account as she continues to inspire, change and better peoples lives.

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