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Tumor Hater – About



Tumor Hater Inc will provide emotional support and financial assistance to those facing tumor related medical needs.


Tumor Hater Inc will enhance the lives of those affected by tumors by giving hope, love and financial support.

Where Money Goes

We have set up our charity that 80% of money earned will go towards the cause of raising money for our current hero or heroes and the check we give to them. 20% of money earned will pay for legal work, supplies and other miscellaneous expenses. There are no paid employees. 100% of the money raised is being used to donate to others or used to grow and expand tumor hater inc in order to help more of those in need.

Tumor Hater History

Hi, my name is Kelly Matthews and I am the founder of Tumor Hater inc. When the idea of Tumor Hater came about in 2009, I had no idea what the end result would be and what it would ultimately bring me. You see, I have a medical condition called neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1). This has caused innumerable tumors to grow on my nerves and it also causes a great deal of pain and weakness. One doctor even said I easily have over 1,000 tumors. During spring of 2009 I really needed to go back to the doctors but being weary of the costly medical expenses I resisted making any appointments. A friend, knowing my circumstances, stepped in and said she would put together as many fundraisers as needed to pay for my medical bills. Little did I know how her compassion was going to change my life jumplove.

It was during this time I developed the phrase ‘tumor hater’. I decided to print t- shirts with this phrase written across the front to sell and help raise funds. The shirts sold quickly and along with the fundraising we brought in $9,500(!!) It was then I began to realize the potential that ‘Tumor Hater’ could have when placed on a larger scale, combining ‘Tumor Hater’ product sales and fundraising. Same purpose, but nation wide, for hundreds of people that are in the same situation as I was. If just a couple friends can raise that much money in a small town, what could be accomplished nation wide sharing the same heart and passion? Well, here we are to find out. Tumor Hater Inc is now a tax exempt non profit, trademarked and ready to raise money for those with tumor related medical bills. Here at Tumor Hater inc we do not discriminate. Just like you, we hate all tumors and want to help no matter what type of tumor you have.

Tumor Hater Inc does not profit me personally, I have legally waived my rights to benefit in any way monetarily, but I have faith that my needs will be met elsewhere. Tumor Hater has too much potential to only benefit one person, and I am glad to have turned it into a non profit to help others. I am so thankful that it has given me more fight, drive and purpose to conquer my tumors, and I am eager for it to change your life as well.

Why We Do It

Tumor Hater Inc. believes in the importance of community. When one person is in need, they should never stand alone. A medical condition will bring on enough challenges to navigate, so we want to be there to shoulder the burden. With the Tumor Hater Army of Heroes and Haters we want to create a web of support not only with medical costs, but with our true power of bringing people together to stand by, fight for and believe with. The Tumor Hater Army ensures that you are never alone in your fight. Regardless of where you are on a map, you’re surrounded by a community of heroes.